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Going Green

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Energy savings with increased R-value, reduction of air leakage and SPFs ability to prevent mold moisture intrusion are just a few. The most effective means to conserving energy is to make buildings more energy efficient.

Spray foam is an insulation and air barrier that promises a tighter home with less dust and mold, ensuring better indoor air quality. Although more pricey than other types of insulation, installing SPF can cut yearly energy costs upwards of 35 percent with the highest R-value commonly available.

No other insulation material on the market is more effective and energy efficient than spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is spray applied, adheres and expands to the surface, creating an air tight, moisture resistant barrier without settling unlike other means of insulation. Spray Foam not only contains varying degrees of renewable resources in its formulation, but the energy saving characteristics alone, significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and electricity requirements for heating and cooling your home or building. These superior performance capabilities are making spray foam the most popular, clean, sustainable green insulation product today.

Eco-friendly Fiberglass

Choosing traditional fiberglass insulation doesn’t necessarily mean throwing the environment out the window. Many fiberglass insulation manufacturers are incorporating recycled materials into their products and getting certified from environmental groups for their role in ensuring superior air quality.

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